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Do 6: The Road Ahead – Regional Forums November 18, 2014

Terry Dennison, Executive Director
PA Route 6 Alliance
(814) 435-7706

The PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor is celebrating its 10th year as a Pennsylvania State Heritage Area. As the PA Route 6 Alliance looks forward to the next 10 years, they are inviting stakeholders, businesses, organizations and interested residents to help create a map of the “Road Ahead”.

As a state Heritage Area, PA Route 6 is guided by a Management Action Plan (MAP), that outlines strategies, initiatives and efforts to improve the quality of life along the highway, preserve and conserve the important historical and cultural features, strengthen the communities, foster broader corridor-wide thinking among its partners and enhance the experience of visitors to the area. Many of the programs, projects and initiative identified in the original MAP for PA Route 6, published in 2004, have been completed. That MAP established the identity of the “PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor” and its unique heritage, served as the foundation in the designation of an official Heritage Area and in the execution of its activities.

The PA Route 6 Alliance is sponsoring the first in a series of Regional Forums to kick- off the update of the Management Action Plan for the Route 6 State Heritage Area, an update that is required every ten (10) years. This update effort has been titled “Do 6: The Road Ahead”.

A part of this update is to explore the concept of PA Route 6 as a Scenic Byway and to place even greater emphasis on historic preservation as a part of the PA Route 6 experience. The Forums will be localized to the segment of the Corridor in which it is held but all will include the following:

· Review and illustrate the six identified themes of the PA Route 6 Corridor, which include:

     o A Warrior’s Road
     o Natural Opportunities
     o The Engineers Challenge
     o New Beginnings and Safe Havens
     o Visionaries, Achievers and Social Entrepreneurs
     o Outdoor Enthusiasts Paradise
· Review major recommendations of the original MAP and progress to date
· Review changes that have occurred along the Route 6 Corridor in past ten years
· Identify sites, attractions, experiences or other tourism resources that may still be “best kept secrets” and need more attention
· Introduce the concepts of Scenic Byways and Historic Preservation as a part of Route 6 heritage planning
· Reinforce and enlist new partnerships and stakeholders in Route 6 heritage tourism efforts
· Outline on-going participation efforts during the planning process Each Forum will consist of the following: · An Informal Discussion Session with a representative of the planning team between 3:00 – 5:00 (Those interested should RSVP a preferred time to Jennifer Rossman in the PA Route 6 Alliance Office paroute6@verizon.net or at 814-435-7706 prior to December 4th.
· A Public Session, between 5:00 – 7:00 on each day (RSVP not required)

The dates and locations for the Forums are as follows:

Monday December 8th: Hawley, PA - Settlers Inn, Undercroft Room,
4 Main Avenue

Tuesday December 9th: Towanda, PA - Fairfield Inn & Suites, 1248 Golden

Wednesday December 10th: Coudersport, PA - Cole Memorial Wellness

Thursday December 11th: Corry, PA - Higher Education Building, 221 North

The PA Route 6 Alliance is requesting stakeholders, businesses, organizations and interested citizens to help them get started on The Road Ahead by participating in this Forum and process. These forums are the best way to get useful and useable information on the Corridor, the regions within the Corridor and the diverse communities along what has been called "One of America's most scenic drives". Local involvement will help sustain and enhance heritage tourism efforts in the 11-County PA Route 6 Region and provide the input needed to make sure our tourism efforts are focused and reflect the unique experience offered along PA Route 6.

The PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor is managed by the PA Route 6 Alliance. The funding for this planning effort has been received by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.



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Farmer's Market-Conneaut Lake, PA

Farmer's Market-Conneaut Lake, PA




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