August 12, 2015 Activity Update – US Route 6 – Aprylle Dawn @ Bowling Green, Ohio

As I shared previously, Aprylle makes frequent stops, marks her “stopping / pausing point”, then returning via car with her “Lifeline Support Driver” to resume her running.
Aprylle is always very pleased to “pause” her running for various events, press interviews, etc.
I must share Aprylle is humbled and in awe “by all the attention my run for the kids is getting.” – “ It is like they have never seen a woman set a goal like this, which I WILL accomplish !! “.
August 12, 2015 Activity Update – US Route 6 – Aprylle Dawn near Napoleon Ohio

Aprylle paused near Napoleon OH on Monday AUG 10 to be interviewed by Jen Lazenby from the Northwest Signal newspaper, about 4 miles west of Napoleon OH. (a copy & link to Jen’s article appears on US Route 6 Facebook)

Aprylle’s “run keeper” program allows her to ‘mark the spot ’ she leaves off; her lifeline support driver transports her forth & back to that spot to accurately resume her running.
Aprylle was driven back to Bowling Green OH, where Bruce Jeffers, Councilman, arranged accommodations, etc. and scheduled a meeting with the Bowling Green State University and Bowling Green High School Cross Country Team WED AM AUG 12.

Pictured are Aprylle Gilbert, Aprylle & Jose’ A. Reyes, “Lifeline Support Driver” for Aprylle, Aprylle and Bruce Jeffers, Councilman, Bowling Green Ohio, and Aprylle addressing the Bowling Green High School Cross Country Team this AM.
Aprylle just shared “ The cross country coach just shared  ‘ It made our hill workout seem not so bad! Good luck to you’   “
Aprylle will be hosted WED AUG 12 and THU AUG 13, where Jason Hawkins, GM, Comfort Inn Fremont OH has graciously and generously offered to provide accommodations, etc.
(Jason shared with me that he is hopeful that Aprylle will remain at his property THU night, as he is a long distance runner himself and wishes to meet her FRI AM, as she departs ! ) [Jason has to be away until FRI AM]
A recent response to an inquiry, from Russell J. Lombard, President / CEO – U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association  
“ We have a young lady (Aprylle Gilbert) who is making a solo coast-to-coast run along the Grand Old Highway aka U.S. Route 6 or as the Grand Army of the Republic (Memorial) Highway.
She started her run in Long Beach, California on May 11, 2015 and is averaging around 30+ miles per day. Her destination is Provincetown, Massachusetts which is located at the tip of Cape Cod.
Unknown to us, other runners have taken it upon themselves to join Aprylle for a short distance. Appears they (running clubs, etc.) have their own network and are following her across the country. Her run is definitely an historic event and they want to be part of it.
The goal is for Aprylle to use the historic 1940 alignment as much as possible. This in itself has become a real challenge.
The U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association is a Not-for-profit "Public Charity" providing Aprylle with logistics, maps, arranging lodging, meals, media contacts, etc.
We are all volunteers, either retired or keeping our day jobs.
I do not foresee any impacts as a result of her running through your area ( Cleveland OH ).
In fact, I would like to invite you to join her for a short distance (walk or run) and she can tell you about her Mission. “
Feel free to ask questions.”
Take care. Russ L.