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Amazon seeking tax deal from Johnston for mega-warehouse in Rhode Island

Amazon seeking tax deal from Johnston for mega-warehouse Rhode Island has agreed to put money into road work on Route 6 that will help speed Amazon trucks between the new warehouse and points across the state. Public hearing set for Sept. 15 at Johnston High School The Johnston Town Council has scheduled a special public hearing on the Amazon deal  on Wednesday, Sept, 15, at 7 p.m. at Johnston High School.   

September 10, 2015 Activity Update – US Route 6 – Connecticut – Rhode Island Border


Gilbert brings her dreams of helping disadvantaged youth to Rhode Island today! With two short states ahead of her, San Francisco Bay area singer/songwriter Aprylle Gilbert is in the final week of her Charity Run for Kids Press Release: Sept 10, 2015 Connecticut – Rhode Island Border: In Connecticut, Gilbert was hosted in the homes of two Route 6 legends. Click the image above for the full PDF Press Release

CRUIZN the U.S.A. West on U.S. Route 20, the Yellowstone Trail, from Boston, MA to Newport, OR, then South on the Pacific Coast Highway Route 101 to Long Beach, CA, then East on U.S. Route 6, the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, to Provincetown, MA in time to join with the 2nd Annual U.S. Route 6 Provincetown Cruise Weekend in October.  Watch for more information about CRUIZN the U.S.A. – Route 6 Happenings.      

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