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pictures by don m. doucette—november 28, 2009. don is our route 6 ambassador at large in massachusetts. trip to cape cod with rachel v. carey, independent filmmaker—member and husband jeff.
Pictures by Don M. Doucette—November 28, 2009. Don is our Route 6 Ambassador at Large in Massachusetts. Trip to Cape Cod with Rachel V. Carey, Independent Filmmaker—Member and husband Jeff.

Route 6 Productions, a division of the National U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association is now in the process of working with Rachel Carey, an Independent Filmmaker and our newest member in the State of New York. Rachel plans to make a documentary movie about the Grand Old Highway. She is currently setting up plans to interview people living along the “6” and will be preparing a production outline and schedule. She is particularly hoping to interview frequent travelers on Route 6 and anyone with a good knowledge of Route 6 history, and is also actively fundraising for the project.

I invite you to become part of this project. Interested?

rachel carey
Rachel Carey

If you are interested you can Email me at:

newhall-saugus tunnel

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