July 07, 2015 Activity Update

Hello all:
Aprylle started her run yesterday morning 25 miles west of Holyoke. It was a cool, pleasant day for running. 

She reached Haxtun by 11:30. There some children greeted her with signs they had made welcoming her and thanking her for "Helping the Kids". Two runners joined her: Jonetta Anderson for 4.5 miles and Rebecca Ensminger for 9 miles. 

She reached Holyoke at 5:15. There she was greeted by Mayor Orville Tonsing who presented her with a gold "Holyoke Dollar" and pin. Also present were Councilman John Schneider, Holyoke Chamber Executive Director Mary Tomky, Darcy Tomky of the Holyoke Enterprise, and myself. After stopping to eat, Aprylle continued her run about 6 miles east of Holyoke when darkness overtook her. She has picked up from that point this morning, and continues her run towards Imperial, Nebraska which is her goal this evening. I will make one more report from there before turning the task over to the Nebraska folks. 

                  Ken Oltjenbruns 
                  Executive Director
                  Colorado US Route 6
                  Tourist Association 

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