Lone Pine Film Festival – October 5th – 7th, 2012

Lone Pine Film Festival 2012 It’s that time of the year again to welcome back the dedicated and loyal fans that have made and continue to make Lone Pine and the Film Festival their Columbus Day destination. All local motel rooms and those for miles around as well as hundreds of campground sites are quickly being sold out.

The Lone Pine Museum of Film History is dedicated to preserving the diverse movie history of California’s Eastern Sierras, including Lone Pine, Death Valley and points north. Located on Highway 395 on the south end of town, the museum’s 10,000 square feet of exhibits, an eighty-five seat movie theater and gift shop offer visitors a unique experience helping to document and interpret the cultural heritage of America’s cinematic history through film programs, artifact preservation and exhibits.    Lone Pine Film Festival – October 5th – 7th, 2012

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