Ohio Portion of US Route 6

Following the Ohio-Indiana border, the Ohio Portion of US Route 6 enters our state in Williams County. While meandering along its remarkable route to Lake Erie, it passes through Edgerton and just south of Bryan before continuing on towards Napoleon and Bowling Green – not forgetting Fremont either! As if that wasn’t enough exploration for one trip alone; after crossing Sandusky Bay at Huron Harbor, this stretch of highway continues east alongside Vermilion’s shoreline. Before long though you can find yourself atop Charles Berry Bridge as it soars over Lorain bringing us ever closer to Cleveland proper where we take a pitstop/detour via Sheffield Lake, Avon Lake ,Bay Village & Rocky River while admiring Clifton Boulevard upon finally reaching The City by the Shore: That is…Lakewood perfecting West Blvd/Edgewater neighborhood right next door too!

The Ohio Portion of US Route 6 follows the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway into Downtown Cleveland, entering downtown by crossing the Detroit-Superior Bridge. US 6 follows Superior Avenue through Public Square and the East Side of Cleveland before turning east onto Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland and Chardon Road in the city of Euclid. US 6 continues eastward through Lake CountyGeauga County and finally into Ashtabula County before entering the state of Pennsylvania along the Pymatuning Reservoir causeway.

Established as a National 501(c)(3) charitable organization, as a Public Charity the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association works to promote economic development and cultural preservation for communities located along “The Grand Army of The Republic Highway.” Spanning 3,652 miles in total, this grand old highway is an integral part of Americana with many sites rich in history waiting to be discovered!  Online at https://www.route6tour.com

Ohio Portion of US Route 6 post

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