Troy Sale Barn Grower’s Market


2023 Troy Sale Barn Grower's Market

Troy Sale Barn Grower’s Market – 
The Troy Sale Barn is a not for profit community project to enhance our community and provide a historic venue for a variety of events.
The Troy Sale Barn is a historic building located in Troy Pennsylvania. The building began it’s life as a cattle auction barn in the early 1920’s. Built by a consortium of local dairy farmers to sell breeding stock. At the time Bradford County was renown for their dairy cows.
People came from all over the northeast to purchase animals. The sale was held every Wednesday and the town was overflowing with buyers and people shopping. It was a major part of the local economy.
As the dairy industry began a downturn in the 1970’s and 80’s the Sale Barn became less viable to the point where it was going to be torn down. Then a few community minded people decide that it was very important that this precious history should be preserved and the work began as a not for profit community project. Many from the community have donated their time, money, materials, and equipment to get the job done.
We invite anyone to come see us and take a look. We might put a hammer in your hand but its not required. We are located at 50 Ballard St., behind the Chinese Restaurant on Rt 14 (Canton St.)
As of this writing we have opened the barn end to various community events including, educational events, performing arts, and weddings and receptions, just to name a few.
The next phase is to turn the area where the auctions were held into a theater. It will be an incredible venue for the performing arts and even weddings. Sorry, no cattle will be sold. The area beneath the auditorium that was where the sold calves were held will be used for displaying items of historical value and areas that local organisations can have displays.
Again, please come and see us.

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