U.S. Route 6 (US 6), also called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway,US Route 6 Tourist Association is working to save our American Heritage through Cultural Preservation, see what's new in economic development.


Nebraska U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association

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Russell J. Lombard, President / CEO
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Beautiful Nebraska - Official State Song & Video
(Turn on the sound and enjoy!!)

The Nebraska U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association is a Not-for-profit IRS 501 (c) (3) "Public Charity"
dedicated to the cultural preservation and economic development of inner cities, small towns and
rural communities located along the Grand Old Highway.

Fed. ID No. 91-2136205
We are on file with the Nebraska Secretary of State as an approved Not-for-profit "Public Charity".

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Happenings in Arapahoe

Arapahoe Chamber of Commerce - Arapahoe, Nebraska - Home


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Indianola Nebraska

Indianola Nebraska

City of Indianola, NE | Facebook

Indianola - Google Maps

McConville Agency

The McConville Agency - Home

Crop Insurance, Home Owners Insurance,

Auto insurance, and Farm Owners Insurance

Indianola, Nebraska

* * * * * *

REMCO Lumber

REMCO, INC.- Sutton, NE
What can we build for you?

Museum of American Speed
World's Largest Collection of Exotic Racing Engines and Vintage Speed Equipment.
Visit: Museum of American Speed - Lincoln, NE

Aprylle Gilbert - Museum of American Speed (2015)

Meadowlark Model A Ford Club; Omaha, Nebraska
Meadowlark Model A Ford Club; Omaha, Nebraska


Village of Bartley

Downtown Bartley: West side of Commercial Street

205 4th Street
Indianola, NE 69034

Welcome to Wauneta Nestled in Southwest Nebraska, we're "Halfway Between Here and There."

Village of Wauneta

City of Indianola, Nebraska

The best little city out west!


Gretna Phillips 66

104 Glenmore Dr.
Gretna, Nebraska

Greenwood Depot Museum / Greenwood Historical Society - Greenwood, NE

Greenwood Depot Museum / Greenwood Historical Society - Greenwood, NE


Angie West, Wauneta Crossroads

Angie West, Manager
In The News
Officials from U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association
visit Chase County


Indianola Historical Society

A sign from Memory Lane!
Indianola Historical Society

Gretna Chamber of Commerce
Gretna Chamber of Commerce

Arapahoe Chamber of Commerce
Arapahoe, Nebraska


KOA Campgrounds - Gretna, Nebraska


Ashland Historical Society
Saline Ford Historical
Preservation Society

Ashland, Nebraska


Truck Station
Travel Center
Lincoln, Nebraska

HoneyCreek is Open Again!

Located in Waverly, Nebraska

HoneyCreek Dining - Restaurant, Pizza

(20+) HoneyCreek Pizza, Restaurant & Catering | Facebook

Honeycreek Restaurant - Google Maps

* * * * * *

Raikes Beef Co.

* * * * * * * *

Saying Goodbye to Gretna
(Moving to Iowa, another Route 6 State.)

Linda Hill, Sarah Zeleny, Marcia Kuiper, Brad Kuiper and Brian Clark got together at Turtle Doves in downtown Gretna for the Kuipers’ farewell party.

Saying Goodbye to Gretna – gretnaguide.com

Marcia Kuiper will continue to serve the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association as our Ambassador at Large. Thank you Marcia for the great service you have provided over the years on behalf of the Nebraska Association. We will be forever grateful.


Welcome to the City of Friend, Nebraska

Picture - Friend, Nebraska - Wikipedia

Home of the World's Smallest Police Station.

City of Friend

Please contact us regarding any special community events you would like
posted on our web site. Email: US6News@aol.com



Small Town Law Enforcement

Small Town Cops, a NET News documentary, considers the changing role of police work in Nebraska’s small towns and rural areas. Even in the safest communities where everyone knows everyone else, police are trained to prepare for school shootings, encountering drug traffickers, and facing an increasing number of calls involving mental illness. In Small Town Cops, experienced and newly-trained officers explain what’s changed and why the still believe in serving their communities and keep them safe.
(the video link below 56:39)
Small Town Cops - YouTube

* * * * * *

Marcia J. Kuiper, past Executive Director of the Nebraska U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association and Ashley (Hofmann) Thompson, Ambassador at Large for the National Association and the first Executive Director of the Nebraska Association. Ashley joined the Route 6 team as a Student Intern from Hastings College back in 2003.

Picture was taken at the Sutton Showcase event February 8, 2014.

A State Division of National U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association


Classic Ashland Bank Survives

By Mark Hotz - June 30, 2017

What's New!

Marcia Kuiper, Executive Director and Cory Sacca
Marcia Kuiper, Executive Director and Cory Sacca


Home of the Greenwood, NE  Historical Society
Home of the Greenwood Historical Society
(Art work by Kim Koyle, Director of Economic Development -
Cultural Preservation for the
National U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association Kim Koyle - Eureka, Utah )

Historic Railroad Station - Greenwood, NE
Historic Railroad Station - Greenwood, NE



 Networking businesses, organizations, and communities is what solidified my interest in the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association. My husband Brad and I have two businesses which are located in the heart of historic downtown Gretna just a block from where Highway 6 makes a 90% turn on its main street.

Marcia KupierThe Nebraska U.S. Route 6 tourist Association was formed in 2003 to help Route 6 communities re-discover their heritage and also to draw vacation travelers to the many small and large businesses and sites to visit along the historic highway.

Gretna has the distinction of having old Highway 6 come right through our downtown area.  Since our current Highway 6 no longer follows this route, we wanted to draw people and business to our Historic Downtown area by posting signs identifying the original alignment (See Sign Picture Below)

 Having lived in the area for nearly 30 years, it excites me to learn more of the history of what makes Gretna have the theme “Gretna, a Great Life”. Gretna has been labeled as the fastest growing community in Sarpy County and the Gretna Downtown Association is finding new ways to attract the public to the charm in our historic downtown.

 Just this past year, we are excited to announce the addition of several new businesses that have opened their doors in the Historic downtown area. These include a florist & gift shop, homespun weaving shop, a new bakery and bistro, and a new Children’s Library. There are many established businesses in the downtown area that would love to tell you more of their history and why they love it here.

The World famous Vala’s pumpkin patch is nearby and every fall hosts thousands of visitors, young and old alike. They even have a “kid/adult ride that you can take on Highway 6 in their pedal cars.


Marcia J. Kuiper at Vala’s – Gretna, NE

I would like to invite all the Route 6 communities (cities, small towns and rural communities) together with businesses from Omaha to the Colorado state line to join together with the common goal of Economic Development and the Preservation of our American Heritage along the Grand Old Highway.

Time to join together and exchange ideas. Interested?

Feel free to ask questions.

Email: Nebraska@route6tour.com


Malerie Yolen-Cohen, Travel Writer and Member walking with
Roger Bratt, Webmaster for the Ashland Historical Society.
(Picture by Suzi Nelson, Editor & Mgr. of the Ashland Gazette - June 13, 2011)
Malerie's book about her Route 6 adventures will be available this Spring.
Learn about great places to visit, eat and stay when traveling the 6.




Economic Development and Cultural Preservation

“Route 6 was a critical transportation and communications link in the development of Nebraska and neighboring states. I hope to preserve the memory of that contribution and look forward to working with the citizens of Nebraska to make the Cornhusker portion of Route 6 the central hub of the Association and the extended Route 6 community.”

A major challenge for the Nebraska Association is to create economic growth in the inner cities, small towns and rural communities.

High school and college students are encouraged to join the Association’s internship program. There are no Sponsorship dues for full-time students or active military personnel.

To learn more about the Nebraska Association and how you can become a member contact us at



Gretna is the first City in Nebraska to establish Historic U.S. 6 Route
signs along the old alignment. 2011  Thank You!!

David Kunes, Bicycling Route 6 from CA to MA

Here is a picture of David Kunes the young man who is bicycling the "6" from California
to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Behind him, left to right, are Liz L. Hofmann our Vice Chair - Educational
Programs, Ashley J. Thompson - Executive Director of Program Development and
Jerry R. Johnson our Executive Director for the State of Nebraska.
(In front of the Museum - July 29, 2007 Sutton, NE - Picture by Rita Johnson)


From the below picture it appears that Ethanol has been around in Nebraska since 1933.

Picture from the archives of the Nebraska State Historical Society.


Investors plan to restore Linoma Lighthouse

Picture - Ashland Gazette Sept. 2010

In The News

Lincoln, Nebraska crash leaves 2 dead, 19 taken to hospital
(NBC NEWS - U.S. News - May 30, 2022)

Nebraska home to halfway point on historic U.S. 6 (McCook Daily Gazette - Jan. 20, 2014)

Historic Route 6 program Sunday at Horse Creek Inn - McCook, NE (McCook Daily Gazette - Jan. 17, 2014)

 Promoting Highway 6 will benefit Ashland - Wahoo-Ashland-Waverly.com: Local
(the Ashland Gazette - Oct. 2013)

U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association officials visit Chase County
(The Wauneta Breeze - Oct. 2013)

Officials from U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association visit Chase County
(The Imperial Republican - Oct. 2013)

U.S. 6, New life for old lighthouse
(Journal Star - Sept. 2013)

Ashland Historical Society - Ready For Visitors At New Office
(The Ashland Gazette - August 29, 2012)

Investors plan to restore Linoma Lighthouse
(Ashland Gazette - Sept. 2010)


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Official 1937 Nebraska
State Highway Map

Official 1937 Nebraska State Highway Map

Link to Map as a PDF file (9.0MB)

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