Discover Elberta

Discover Elberta, Utah’s Hidden Gem: The Monument of Memory

Have you ever stumbled upon a place that takes your breath away with its sheer simplicity and historical resonance? Nestled in the heart of Elberta, Utah, stands a tribute to time—a monument dedicated to the memory of events and individuals that have shaped the community.

Why Visit the Elberta Monument?

  • Storied History: Uncover tales woven into the fabric of Elberta’s past.

  • Scenic Beauty: Surrounded by Utah’s stunning landscapes, the monument offers a peaceful retreat.

  • A Photographer’s Paradise: Capture the interplay of light and shadow on this enduring stone edifice.

Snapshot of the Past

This isn’t just a monument—it’s a storyteller. Crafted with care by the hands of those who called Elberta home, this monument stands as a bastion of local heritage. It reminds us of the trials and triumphs that have marked the passage of time in this quaint town.

Engage with the Community

Let’s get personal—imagine connecting with the heartbeat of Elberta. The monument is more than an attraction; it’s a community focal point where locals gather to reflect, commemorate, and celebrate their shared history.

Take it All In

  • Snap a photo, it’ll last longer! 

  • Pause and reflect—what stories do these stones whisper to you?

  • Share your experience using #ElbertaMonument and join the conversation.

Plan Your Visit

Ready to experience the monument for yourself? Here’s what you need to know before you go:

  • Location: Heart of Elberta, mere steps from nature’s grandeur.

  • Best Time to Visit: Golden hour brings out the monument’s magic.

  • Visitor Tip: Bring a journal and pen—you’ll be inspired to write!

Connect With Us

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Wrap your head around history, and create lasting memories at the Elberta, Utah monument. It’s not just a visit—it’s an experience that bridges generations. See you there!

Utah Portion of US Route 6

The Utah Portion of US Route 6 takes a wild ride through the Great Basin Desert and Wasatch Range! At Delta, it splits from US 50 before venturing towards the historic Tintic and Eureka mining districts. Near Santaquin, travelers will join I-15 for some high speed action to Spanish Fork canyon – that’s where you’ll hop off with US 89 for an incredible trek into Soldier Summit. After cresting those mountains is when things get really interesting as this route makes its way deep down Utah’s coal country – there’s even one final surprise waiting along side of fellow traveler U S 191!

Traveling east from Green River, I-70 and US 50 form a dynamic duo as they wind along the dramatic southern edge of the Book Cliffs. Conjoined with them is US 191 to Crescent Junction – an impressive feat considering this trio continues for miles! An eye-catching visual spectacle in Utah’s breathtaking landscape awaits adventurers who make it all the way through Grand Valley into Colorado.

Established as a National 501(c)(3) charitable organization, as a Public Charity the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association works to promote economic development and cultural preservation for communities located along “The Grand Army of The Republic Highway.” Spanning 3,652 miles in total, this grand old highway is an integral part of Americana with many sites rich in history waiting to be discovered!  Online at

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Bo Huff Museum – Carbon County Utah

Bo Huff Museum

Bo Huff Museum

Bo Huff is a local legend known for his classic car collection and custom detailing. Though he passed in 2015, the family maintains a collection of his custom cars and memorabilia. 

The Bo Huff Garage now serves as a museum where visitors can walk amongst the custom cars still in his collection, explore memorabilia and learn about the rockabilly culture that inspired Bo’s work.

Learn about Carbon County Utah services offered and find out how we are here to help you.

Bucket List Destination – Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum

Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum

Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum

The Prehistoric Museum creates understanding and appreciation of natural and cultural
processes that formed the geologic, fossil and prehistoric human records found in
eastern Utah. We do this through educational and interpretive programs based upon
our academic research, preservation programs, authentic exhibits, and the creative
efforts of our staff and community.