September Location of Interest

📍Hello, Route 6 explorers! Our September Location of Interest takes us to the heartland of America – Moline, Illinois. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the John Deere Pavilion, the world’s largest agriculture museum. 🚜

Here, you can immerse yourself in the rich history and groundbreaking innovations of the iconic John Deere company. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a global leader in agriculture, the story is truly inspiring.

What makes this spot even more special? You can request a personal tour guide, likely a Deere retiree, who’ll customize your visit. It’s a unique chance to hear firsthand accounts and get insider knowledge about the company’s journey.

Remember, U.S. Route 6 isn’t just the oldest, longest, and highest of the old roads. It’s also a treasure trove of stories, histories, and experiences waiting to be discovered. And we’re committed to preserving this legacy.

We invite you to join us in our mission. Whether you’re an individual, a community, or a business, your support and participation are invaluable. Let’s work together to promote economic development along the path of the Grand Old Highway. Your donations, big or small, go a long way in supporting not-for-profits and public charities associated with our cause.

Stay tuned for more exciting locations as we continue our journey across U.S. Route 6. Together, we’ll explore, learn, and create new memories. 🛣️💕

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September Location of Interest - John Deere Pavillion

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Traveling on US Route 6 first transcontinental highway

Traveling along US Route 6, the first transcontinental highway in the United States, is a truly fascinating journey. Spanning from coast to coast and passing through 14 states, this highway offers an unparalleled chance to experience some of America’s most iconic small towns, breathtaking mountain ranges and inspiring national parks.

Starting in California and ending in Massachusetts, the unique evolution of cultures throughout this continental passage will allow you to explore notable cities like Cleveland and Chicago or venture off into remote rural locales such as Torrey in Utah. Additionally, Route 6 features a number of historic landmarks including the Colorado Welcome Center, which opened in 1931, as well as many natural wonders like Dinosaur National Monument and Grand Canyon National Park.

In addition to its vast array of sights and attractions, traveling along US Route 6 also promotes meaningful cultural exchange among people living on both sides of the country. From sharing stories about their distinct lifestyles with one another to delving into different perspectives about current events together, individuals who take this journey will be rewarded with invaluable insights that can only come from experiencing different parts of America up close.

Ultimately, there are countless values associated with driving along US Route 6: whether it be for history buffs looking for new knowledge or wanderlusters craving adventure — you’re guaranteed to have a memorable journey no matter what your destination may be!

Established as a National 501(c)(3) charitable organization, as a Public Charity the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association works to promote economic development and cultural preservation for communities located along “The Grand Army of The Republic Highway.” Spanning 3,652 miles in total, this grand old highway is an integral part of Americana with many sites rich in history waiting to be discovered!  Online at