Discover South Foster, Rhode Island

A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Hey, folks! Ever heard of South Foster, Rhode Island? If not, you’re in for a treat. This charming corner of the world is steeped in history and brimming with attractions that appeal to history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyone in between. Here’s why you should add South Foster to your must-visit list:

Historical Significance ✨

  • Early Industrial Revolution Hub: Back in the day, South Foster was all about mills and manufacturing. This place was vital in America’s textile industry bloom – think spinning, weaving, and a whole lot of innovating!
  • Textile Titans: With rivers powering the first mills, South Foster helped weave the fabric of the country’s progress. How cool is that?
  • Trailblazing Tracks: Love a good hike or bike? The Moosup Valley State Park Trail is where it’s at. Once buzzing with trains of the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad, it’s now a serene spot for your outdoor adventures.
  • Farming Roots: This community’s got deep agricultural roots. Many farms here have been feeding and fueling the area for generations. Talk about living off the land!

Today’s Must-Sees

  • Hit the Trails: The Moosup Valley State Park Trail isn’t just about history; it’s also your go-to for scenic routes that’ll get your heart pumping.
  • Farm Fresh: Check out local farms and farmers markets to snag some fresh produce and support the awesome folks who grow it.
  • Step Back in Time: Can’t get enough of the past? The Captain Stephen Olney House and the Foster Center Historic District are like time machines to the early 19th century.
  • Wilderness Awaits: Over at the Arcadia Management Area, nature’s calling your name. Camping, fishing, hunting – it’s all here.
  • Festive Spirits: If you’re around for the Foster Old Home Days or the Foster Glocester Heritage Celebration, you’re in for a real community treat. These events are the heart and soul of South Foster.

Ready for an Adventure?

South Foster, Rhode Island, isn’t just a dot on the map—it’s a living, breathing mix of history and natural beauty. Whether you’re trekking through the Moosup Valley State Park Trail, exploring historical gems, or enjoying the local harvest, there’s something here for you.

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See you in South Foster!

But wait, there’s more! Did you know that South Foster is also home to some of the best apple orchards in Rhode Island? Or that it has a rich Native American history waiting to be explored? And don’t forget about the numerous hiking trails and campgrounds scattered throughout the area. Whether you’re here for a day trip or a longer stay, there’s always more to discover in South Foster. So come on over and experience all that this charming town has to offer! #HiddenGemsOfSouthFoster #LocalFlavors #ExploreMore

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Scituate Rhode Island

Discover Scituate Rhode Island: A Historic Gem

Hey there, history buffs and nature lovers! Ever heard of Scituate Rhode Island? This small town with a big past sits in the heart of the state, beckoning with its rich American heritage and scenic outdoors. Here’s the lowdown on what makes Scituate a must-visit spot for anyone craving a dash of history paired with pristine nature.

Historical Heartbeat

Founded in the early 18th century, Scituate has been standing strong since colonial times! Its roots can be traced back to England, borrowing its name from a term meaning “shelter”—pretty apt, right? The town played a pivotal role during the American Revolutionary War, being the birthplace of the Scituate Resolves. This rebellious act was a thumb to the nose against the British following the notorious Gaspee Affair. Talk about revolutionary spirit!

Plus, did you know agriculture is in Scituate’s DNA? For ages, farming shaped the community, creating a legacy of lush landscapes and sustainability.

Can’t-Miss Highlights ✨

When in Scituate, keep your camera ready for these standout spots:

The Scituate Reservoir

Nature’s Playground

Fish, hike, birdwatch, and soak in the tranquility

Hope Mill

Rustic Charm Unleashed

Step back into the 1830s and peek into the town’s industrial saga

Stephen Hopkins House

Revolutionary Residence

Explore the dwelling of a Declaration signer

Trails Galore

Wanderlust Calling

Hit the Ponaganset Trail or the North-South Trail for your nature fix

Farm Fresh Goodies

Taste the Town

Snag some local produce at farm stands and markets

Ready, Set, Explore! ‍♂️

Can’t wait to get started? Lace-up those hiking boots, grab your curiosity, and head over to Scituate, where every step is a walk through history. When you’re done playing explorer, don’t forget to refuel with sustainable, farm-to-fork bites that taste like tradition.

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East Providence Rhode Island

Discover the Rich Tapestry of East Providence’s Past ️

East Providence, a city with a heritage as vibrant as its community, has stood witness to pivotal moments that have shaped its identity. Here’s a snapshot of our city’s significant milestones and the figures who’ve left their mark:

  • 1636: The first chapter began when Roger Williams set foot along the Seekonk River, crafting the initial threads of our city’s storied history.
  • 1812: Bridging gaps, literally—the Sabin Point Bridge revolutionized our connection with Providence, turning us into a hub of bustling commerce.
  • 1909: The thrills of Crescent Park Amusement Park echoed for over eight decades, gifting us memories drenched in joy and laughter.
  • 1950s: It’s time for transformation! The East Providence waterfront donned a new industrial outfit, bringing the East Providence Yacht Club to the forefront of our maritime legacy. ⚓️
  • 1966: Cue to the guardians of history—the East Providence Historical Society opened its doors, promising to keep our ancestors’ stories alive.
  • 2002: We hit a milestone, celebrating our 125th year of city hood with pride and fanfare.

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Things to do in Rhode Island on Route 6

things to do in Rhode Island on US Route 6
Discover things to do in Rhode Island on Route 6

  1. Roger Williams Park Zoo: Meet over 150 animal species from around the world. Perfect for family fun!

  2. Johnston War Memorial Park: Unwind amidst nature, enjoy a picnic, or simply go for a leisurely stroll.

  3. Scituate Reservoir: Marvel at the largest freshwater body in Rhode Island. Great for photography enthusiasts!

  4. Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge: Discover Rhode Island’s wildlife and enjoy some peaceful hiking.

  5. The Shady Lea Mill: Explore this historic mill, now home to local artists and craftsmen.

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Ready to hit the road? Let’s start your Rhode Island adventure on Route 6 now!

Rhode Island Portion of US Route 6

Traversing 26.5 miles in Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Portion of US Route 6 is an adventure that begins on the western border with Killingly Connecticut and ends at Seekonk Massachusetts to its east. Along this journey you’ll drive through Providence where six major roads intertwine – Route 10, US 1A, I-95, I-195 and two of our favorites: the historic US 44 & charming little ol’ US 6!

Established as a National 501(c)(3) charitable organization, as a Public Charity the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association works to promote economic development and cultural preservation for communities located along “The Grand Army of The Republic Highway.” Spanning 3,652 miles in total, this grand old highway is an integral part of Americana with many sites rich in history waiting to be discovered!  Online at

Rhode Island Portion of US Route 6 post