Nevada Links

Nevada Links
a list of communities on or near US Route 6

Basalt Basalt, Nevada – Wikipedia
Clark 89437
Clark, Nevada – Wikipedia
Coaldale Coaldale, Nevada – Wikipedia
Currant 89049
Currant, Nevada – Wikipedia
Ely 89301
Ely, Nevada – Wikipedia
Great Basin College:
Campuses – Ely Center

Lockes 89049
Lockes, Nevada – Wikipedia
Majors Place 89301
Majors Place, Nevada – Wikipedia
Miller’s Nevada
Miller’s, Nevada – Wikipedia
Montgomery Pass 89010
Montgomery Pass, Nevada – Wikipedia
Tonopah 89049
Tonopah, Nevada – Wikipedia
Warm Springs Warm Springs, Nevada – Wikipedia

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The Nevada Northern Railway Museum

A historic passenger railroad featuring train rides pulled by century-old steam engines Also offering hundreds of Hands-On-History events year around for railfans, explorers, historians, and adventurers A registered National Historic Landmark Consisting of the original railway locomotives, rolling stock, track, passenger station, and buildings that served the historic copper mining region of Central Nevada for over a century. All of this is being preserved by a 501(c) non-profit historic museum foundation so you can step back in time and enjoy a piece of American history. Track for the Nevada Northern Railway was laid over a century ago, connecting one of the largest copper mines in North America to the Transcontinental routes to the North. Today, several of the original coal-fired standard-gauge steam locomotives that were ordered and delivered new to the railroad over a century ago are still in operation! The Nevada Northern Railway is the best-preserved example of a standard-gauge short-line left in North America.