California Links

California Links a list of communities on or near US Route 6

California Links a list of communities, resources, ghost towns and more on or near US Route 6

Aberdeen 93526 – Google Maps
Chrysopolis, California – Wikipedia  
Aberdeen, CA – Ghost Town  
Acton 93510 – Google Maps
 Acton Town Council  
 Area Information – Aqua Dulce  
Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures – Acton  
Benton 93512 – Google Maps
Benton, California – Ghost Town  
Benton Hot Springs Documentary-YouTube  
Big Pine 93513 – Google Maps  
Big Pine, California – Wikipedia  
Bishop 93514 – Google Maps
City of Bishop, California  
Welcome To Bishop, CA | Hotels, Restaurants & Attractions  
Mule Days Celebration – Every Memorial Day in Bishop, CA  
Bishop Chamber of Commerce | Bishop, California  
Bishop Mural Society  
Burbank – Google Maps  
City of Burbank  
Burbank Chamber of Commerce  
Burbank Historical Society  
Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood – Los Angeles, California  
Historical – Bob’s Big Boy  
Bob’s Big Boy documentary video – 6:22  
Cantil, California – Wikipedia  
Carson – Google Maps  
City of Carson, California  
Carson Chamber of Commerce  
Carson Library  
Cantil – Google Maps  
Cantil, California – Wikipedia  
Cartago 93549 – Google Maps
Cartago, California – Wikipedia
Cartago – Ghost Town
Chalfant Valley 93514 – Google Maps  
Chalfant, California – Wikipedia  
Coso Junction 93549 – Google Maps
Coso Hot Springs – Wikipedia
Coso Hot Springs and Coso Junction
Dunmovin 93549 – Google Maps
Dunmovin – Directions
Dunmovin – Photograph
Forest Park 91351 – Google Maps
Freeman Junction 93527 – Google Maps
Freeman Junction, California – Wikipedia
Freeman Junction – Ghost Town
Photo: View from Robber’s Roost toward Freeman Junction.
Glendale – Google Maps  
Glendale California  
Glendale Chamber of Commerce  
Sons of the Revolution Library  
Hammil 93514 – Google Maps
Hammil, California – Wikipedia
Harold 93550 – Google Maps
Homestead – Google Maps  
Independence 93526 – Google Maps
Lancaster – Google Maps  
Laws – Google Maps  
Little Lake – Google Maps  
Little Lake – Facebook Page  
Lone Pine 93545 – Google Maps
Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce
Museum of Western Film History
Lone Pine Film Festival – Wikipedia
Landing at Lone Pine California
History of the Railroads in the Lone Pine Area
Filming Location Matching “Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
Long Beach – Google Maps   
Long Beach – Mayor   
Long Beach – Chamber of Commerce   
US hwy end in Long Beach, CA   
Historical Society of Long Beach   
Visit Long Beach: Official Travel Website For Long Beach California   
Los Angeles – Google Maps  
City of Los Angeles  
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce  
Discover Los Angeles  
Los Angeles – Wikipedia  
Calle Olvera  
Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCCLA)  
Angels Flight® Railway  
Natural History Museum  
Manzanar – Google Maps  
Manzanar – Ghost Town  
Manzanar National Historic Site  
Mojave 93501 – Google Maps  
Mojave, California – Wikipedia  
Where Airplanes Go to Retire  
Mojave Airplane Graveyard June 2021  
SpaceShipOne – Wikipedia  
Mojave Air & Space Port – “Imagination Flies Here”  
Mojave 93501 – Google Maps  
Mojave 93501 – Google Maps  
Mojave 93501 – Google Maps  
Olancha 93549 – Google Maps
Olancha – Ghost Town
Olancha, California – Wikipedia
Olancha History
Olancha California Camping Death Valley Maps, Eastern Sierra Maps
Pacoima – Google Maps  
Pacoima, Los Angeles – Wikipedia  
Nury Martinez – 6th District  
Pacoima Beautiful – Planting grassroots since 1996  
Palmdale – Google Maps  
Palmdale, CA | Official Website  
Lancaster Chamber of Commerce  
Palmdale, California – Wikipedia  
LA County Library – Antelope Valley Bookmobile  
Pearsonville 93527 – Google Maps
Pearsonville, California – Wikipedia
Pearsonville, Hubcap Capital of the World
Ricardo – Google Maps  
Ricardo, California – Wikipedia  
Red Rock Canyon State Park  
Rosamond 93560 – Google Maps
Rosamond CA Home Page
Rosamond Town Council – Kern County, California
EFBC’s Feline Conservation Center
FastLane –
Rosamond Community Services
San Fernando – Google Maps  
City of San Fernando  
San Fernando, California – Wikipedia  
Historical Site – The Mission San Fernando  
San Fernando Valley Historical Society  
Santa Clarita – Google Maps  
City of Santa Clarita, CA  
SCV Chamber of Commerce  
City of Santa Clarita Trails  
Santa Clarita Swap Meet  
Sleepy Valley 91390 – Google Maps
Sleepy Valley, California – Roadside Thoughts LW2647 | Sleepy Valley | Castle Oaks Garage (Le Chene), 1920s
Solemint 91387 – Google Maps LW2093 | Canyon Country | Solemint Store, 1950s-1970s
US 6 – Solemint Junction
Beales Cut
Sun Valley – Google Maps  
Sun Valley, Los Angeles – Wikipedia  
Sun Valley, CA Information  
Sylmar – Google Maps  
Sylmar, Los Angeles – Wikipedia  
Sylmar, CA Information  
Sylmar – Los Angeles, CA – Niche  
The Oaks – Google Maps  
The Oaks, Mendocino County, California – Wikipedia  
Vincent – Google Maps  
Vincent, California – Wikipedia  
White Heather – Google Maps  
White Heather, California – Roadside Thoughts  
Wilmington – Google Maps  
About | Wilmington  
Wilmington Chamber of Commerce  
The Banning Museum  
Visit Wilmington – Wilmington Chamber of Commerce  
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