Utah Links

Utah Links
a list of communities, resources, ghost towns and more on or near US Route 6

Carbonville – Google Maps
Carbonville, Utah – Wikipedia
Castle Gate, Utah – Google Maps
Castle Gate, Utah – Wikipedia
Cisco, Utah – Ghost Town
Cisco, Utah – Wikipedia
Colton, Utah – Ghost Town Colton, Utah – Wikipedia
Crescent Junction, Utah – Off beat attraction Crescent Junction, Utah – Wikipedia
Delta, Utah Home Page  
Delta Utah Then & Now  
START FROM ZERO 11-13-07 | JerryDownsPhoto Weblog  
East Carbon City
(Sunnyside-Columbia- Dragerton)
East Carbon, Utah – Wikipedia
Elberta, Utah – Google Maps
Elberta, Utah – Wikipedia
Elgin, Utah – Ghost Town
Green River, Utah – Wikipedia redirected from Elgin, Utah by Wikipedia
Eureka City, Utah Eureka, Utah – Wikipedia
Goshen, Utah Goshen, Utah – Wikipedia
Green River, Utah Green River, Utah – Wikipedia
John Wesley Powell River History Museum  
Harley Dome, Utah – Ghost Town
Helper, Utah  
Helper Utah: The Hub of Carbon County …
Helper’s Mining & Railroad Museum  
History of Helper, Utah 
Hinckley, Utah  
Jericho Junction – Google Maps
Lynndyl, Utah – Google Maps Lynndyl, Utah – Wikipedia
Mammoth, Utah – Ghost Town
Mill Fork, Utah – Ghost Town Mill Fork, Utah – Wikipedia
Payson, Utah
Payson, Utah – Chamber site
Payson, Utah – Museums
Price City, Utah
Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum at Price, Utah
Royal, Utah – Ghost Town
Salem, Utah
Santaquin, Utah
Sego, Utah – Ghost Town
Silver City, Utah – Ghost Town
Soldier Summit, Utah – Ghost Town
Spanish Fork, Utah
Spanish Fork Salem Area
Chamber of Commerce
Spring Glen, Utah – Google Maps
Spring Glen, Utah – Wikipedia
Spring Lake, Utah – Google Maps
Spring Lake, Utah – Wikipedia
Sunnyside, Utah – Google Maps
Sunnyside, Utah – Wikipedia
Thistle, Utah – Ghost Town
Thompson, Utah – Ghost Town
Tucker, Utah – Google Maps
Tucker, Utah – Wikipedia
Wellington, Utah – Google Maps Wellington, Utah – Wikipedia
Whitehouse Campground, Utah
Woodside, Utah – Google Maps Woodside, Utah – Wikipedia

Bucket List Destination – Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum

Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum

Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum

The Prehistoric Museum creates understanding and appreciation of natural and cultural
processes that formed the geologic, fossil and prehistoric human records found in
eastern Utah. We do this through educational and interpretive programs based upon
our academic research, preservation programs, authentic exhibits, and the creative
efforts of our staff and community.

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