July 21, 2015 Activity Update – Nebraska / Iowa border crossed

Aprylle-on-the-border-iowa-nebraska Aprylle Gilbert's Coast to Coast Run For Disadvantaged Kids
continued TUE with her running across the 'Bob Kerrey Bridge'
from NE into IA. Pictures with Aprylle, Jose', her "Lifeline"
support driver, Marcia Kuiper, Exec Dir. US Route 6 NE
& some running fans and supporters at the event.
She then ran along Historic US 6 – Broadway in Co Bluffs IA
(Aprylle chose to 'run' "The Bob" to cross the MO River
to maintain her "run" & replicate the original route, since she
was not allowed to 'run' the I-480 bridge; which replaced
the Douglas Street/AkSarBen bridges of the past.  Aprylle plans to return to Omaha to visit the Child Saving Institute and Boys Town to talk with the kids.)

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