Learn about WhalingCity.net

Step into the rich tapestry of New Bedford’s past with WhalingCity.net, your #1 source for local New Bedford history. This go-to site for Massachusetts explorers offers an extensive collection of artifacts, including:

  • Exclusive Photographs: Snapshots that bring historic moments to life.
  • Captivating Videos: Dive deep into the tales of the Whaling City.
  • Intriguing Images: Relics of New Bedford that tell a story like no other.

From the arrival of its earliest European visitors to the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, WhalingCity.net crafts a detailed Whaling City timeline that charters New Bedford’s storied evolution.

Discovering New Bedford?

  • Check out our chronological recaps of significant dates and events.
  • Planning What to do? Explore local history before hitting #Route6.
  • Gear up for festivals in and about town with our historical insights.

Connect with our past to enrich your next adventure. Sail over to WhalingCity.net and anchor yourself in the saga of New Bedford, Ma.—the Whaling City! A link in https://www.route6tour.com/massachu.htm
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Learn about WhalingCity.net

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