Nevada Northern Railway Museum

Looking for a trip back in time? The Nevada Northern Railway Museum near US Route 6 is the perfect pit-stop! 🚂

Here’s what you can expect:

This isn’t just a museum, it’s a living piece of history. Get ready to explore a fully operational rail yard that’s been preserved to perfection. [source]

Experience a unique opportunity to be the engineer on a train ride. Feel the thrill of controlling these massive machines that once ruled the rails. [source]

Enjoy a 90-minute train ride towards the historic Ruth Copper Mine and get a glimpse into Nevada’s rich mining history. [source]

Travel aboard the Steptoe Valley Flyer, the train that once carried 4.5 million…back in its glory days. [source]

Discover one of North America’s best-preserved short lines and enjoy a steam locomotive ride through the Robinson Canyon.

So, if you’re planning a road trip along US Route 6, don’t forget to add the Nevada Northern Railway Museum to your itinerary. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss! 🛤️🎒📸

#NevadaNorthernRailway Nevada Northern Railway Museum

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