Sandusky County Barn Mural Tour

Sandusky County is the home of the historic barn mural trail and each of our barns come with a story.  Hear those untold stories by our group tour step-on guide.  This 1.5 hour experience winds through rural Sandusky County, and your group will hear the meaning and inspiration behind each mural’s design.

These beautiful murals were made possible from the multiple corporate and private donors who have partnered with us to make it all possible. Our barn trail is growing each year as we secure barn locations and design a historical scene to paint on each barn. Most of the Sandusky County Barn Murals were designed by David Thornbury, a graphic designer/marketing director for the Visitors Bureau. Our first barn was painted just prior to 2003 to commemorate Ohio’s Bicentennial.  Our newest barn was secured in 2019 and was designed to commemorate Sandusky County’s Bicentennial. for more information about Sandusky County Barn Mural Tour

Sandusky County Barn Mural Tour

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