Fill in the Blanks! We need your help.

Fill in the blanks! We Need your help.

Fill in the blanks! There are many small rural communities without a web site, most with a population under 500 people.

Fill in the blanks!  Some towns like Corunna, IN with a population of around 250 has a Town Hall, but no web site or other postings. We will post a request for local information, RE: individual Facebooks, historical societies, schools, etc. and have them sent us via the link via email for our review. The email would be sent to Please include contact information as a part of the send.

August 6, 2015 Activity Update – US Route 6 – Honest to Goodness, Indiana. Watch Gilbert run!

Illinois – Indiana Border – Ask Gilbert what she likes about Illinois and she raves about trees that provide welcome shade. She also mentions picturesque bridges, historic towns, vast fields of corn, and old grain bins to store it in. Most of all, she praises the kindness of strangers and the welcoming smiles of the people, young and old, she met along the way. Click the image below for ALL ABOUT IT. Gilbert-Route6Run-Indiana07302015_thumb