Educational Opportunities in Boys Town

Boys Town in Omaha offers a wealth of educational opportunities to its residents, providing an inclusive and supportive environment that fosters academic growth and personal development. Here’s what you need to know about education at Boys Town:

  • Boys Town Education Center: The center is a testament to the belief that all youth, no matter their backgrounds or circumstances, deserve access to quality education. It provides a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically1.

  • Integrated Social Skills Curriculum: Boys Town integrates a social skills curriculum into academic courses and daily school life, helping students develop important life skills alongside their academic knowledge2.

  • Service Learning Opportunities: Boys Town encourages students to participate in service learning opportunities, such as serving at the Sienna Francis House in Omaha. This helps students learn the importance of community service and giving back3.

  • State-Accredited Schools: Boys Town offers year-round academic classes at two state-accredited schools: Wegner Middle School for grades 4 through 8, and Boys Town High School4.

  • Duncan Day School: This program caters to struggling students in grades K-12 who are at risk of being expelled or excluded due to behavioral problems or emotional issues5.

  • Family-Teachers: These individuals play a crucial role in presenting educational opportunities and school involvement to students, helping them experience a positive school environment6.

  • Professional Development: Boys Town also offers professional development, community outreach, and networking opportunities for all employees, fostering a vibrant and supportive educational community78.

In conclusion, Boys Town in Omaha is dedicated to providing equal opportunities in education, helping students of all backgrounds and circumstances to reach their full potential.

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