The Inclusive Community for Boys Town

The Inclusive Community for Boys Town – Boys Town in Omaha is more than just a community; it’s a beacon of inclusivity, providing a nurturing environment for children and families. This unique village, founded in 1917 by Father Edward J. Flanagan, is committed to creating an inclusive learning environment. The Boys Town Education Model empowers learning and fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At Boys Town, diversity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s woven into the fabric of the community. The organization provides various programs that promote inclusivity. BELIEF, for example, is an inclusive group for employees who pray for the Boys Town mission, its employees, and the patients, youth, and families they serve.

Boys Town also has voluntary, employee-led groups aiming to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace. Membership in the Omaha Chamber Employer Coalition further emphasizes this commitment. Boys Town’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is clear, with efforts to provide an equal opportunity environment for all employees and the children they serve.

In addition, Boys Town partners with organizations like LeadDIVERSITY, which represents nonprofit, corporate, government, education, civic, and community organizations. They share a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, working together to build an inclusive community.

Outside of Boys Town, organizations such as Inclusive Communities in Omaha are also working hard to confront prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination. Through education and advocacy, they’re making strides in fostering an inclusive society.

The partnership between Scoular and Boys Town on mental health resources for children of employees and community youth further exemplifies the essence of inclusivity at Boys Town. It shows their commitment to not only providing a safe and caring environment for the children but also catering to their mental health needs.

In conclusion, Boys Town in Omaha is a shining example of an inclusive community. It’s a place where everyone is welcome, differences are celebrated, and every child gets a chance to thrive.

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