Long Beach

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Long Beach: Where The Legendary Route 6 Journey Culminates!

Hello, history buffs and adventure seekers! Ready to explore where the historic US Route 6, once the longest transcontinental highway, ends its epic coast-to-coast tale? Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate Long Beach, California—a city that thrives at the intersection of past and present.

Discover the Route 6 Legacy

  • Step onto the very spot where countless travelers concluded their cross-country voyages at the Historic US Route 6 End Point.
  • Snap a photo with the commemorative sign, marking a place where tire treads turned into footprints. ✨
  • Feel the echoes of the past and share your experience with the world using #Route6EndsHere.

Embark on Long Beach Adventures

While you’re soaking up that nostalgic vibe, don’t miss out on Long Beach’s most captivating attractions:

  • Delve into the deep blue at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Come face-to-fin with over 11,000 ocean inhabitants and get hands-on at interactive exhibits!
  • All aboard The Queen Mary! Step onto this majestic ocean liner turned hotel and soak in its history, elegance, and spirits (ghost tours available! ).
  • Wander, shop, and dine at Shoreline Village. Enjoy waterfront views, unique boutiques, and mouth-watering eats—all with a sea breeze in your hair.

Plan Your Visit Now

Ready to create unforgettable memories? ️

  • Check out our Visit Long Beach for more details.
  • Book your tickets to the attractions online and skip the lines.
  • Don’t forget to share your moments using #MyLongBeachStory.

Your Long Beach experience awaits—where history is just the beginning!

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