Nebraska Landmarks


Iconic Landmarks Along Route 6

Traveling through Nebraska? Don’t miss out on these Nebraska Landmarks that capture the spirit of the Old West and the innovation of the pioneers. Check out our list and start planning your Route 6 adventure today!

    • Golden Spike Tower

    • Get an eagle’s eye view of the world’s largest railroad yard from the Golden Spike Tower. Discover railroad history and see the intricate ballet of trains.

    • Ready for an awesome visit? Head over to for all the info you need!

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    • Great Platte River Road Archway

    • Ever wondered how the West was won? Step into history as you walk beneath the stunning Archway monument spanning Interstate 80.

    • Plan your trip at and experience a slice of American history!

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    • Stuhr Museum

    • Go back in time at the Stuhr Museum, where you can explore hands-on exhibits of the pioneers’ life. A perfect spot for history buffs and families!

    • Check out to catch up on upcoming events and exhibits.

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