Medical Facilities in Boys Town

Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska, is renowned for its commitment to transforming the lives of children and families. This commitment extends beyond education and residential care to include top-of-the-line medical facilities. Here’s a snapshot of the medical facilities in Boys Town:

  • Boys Town National Research Hospital: This non-profit medical center provides clinical and hospital care and is a leading institution in research, education, and pediatric care1. It was founded in 1977 with a mission to revolutionize how America cares for children2.

  • 72nd Street Clinic: Located at 72nd and Center Streets in Omaha, this clinic offers services to both pediatric and adult patients3. The clinic provides a broad range of care, including pediatric care, internal medicine, allergy, ear, nose and throat services, hearing, and behavioral health4.

  • Downtown Location: The downtown medical campus offers general pediatric care along with other clinical services5.

  • West Location: The west campus in Omaha features a state-of-the-art surgery center, operating rooms, and inpatient recovery rooms6.

  • Behavioral Health Clinic: This clinic offers outpatient services for families with children from infancy to 22 years old who are experiencing social/emotional, developmental, and behavioral challenges7.

  • Pediatric Clinic Locations: These clinics offer specialized services like Adolescent Bariatric Surgery, Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Anesthesiology, Autism, Behavioral Health, Child Life, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry8.

In conclusion, Boys Town in Omaha boasts a comprehensive range of medical facilities designed to meet the diverse needs of its residents and the wider community. From research hospitals to specialized clinics, Boys Town is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare that changes lives.

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Visitor Attractions in Boys Town

Visiting Boys Town in Omaha promises an engaging journey through history, culture, and the inspiring legacy of an organization that has transformed countless lives. Here are some must-see attractions in Boys Town:

  • Village Drive: Start your tour with a scenic drive through this historic village1.

  • Visitors Center/Gift Shop: Stop by for information, unique souvenirs, and keepsakes1.

  • Overlook Café: Take a break and enjoy some refreshments at this quaint café1.

  • Hall of History: Dive into the rich history of Boys Town at this informative museum2.

  • Dowd Memorial Chapel: Experience the tranquility and beauty of this chapel, which also serves as the final resting place of Boys Town’s founder, Father Edward J. Flanagan2.

  • Garden of the Bible: Walk through this peaceful garden featuring plants mentioned in the Bible1.

  • Father Flanagan House Museum: Explore the renovated home of Boys Town’s founder and get a glimpse of early life at Boys Town3.

  • ‘Two Brothers’ Statue: Don’t miss this iconic statue symbolizing Boys Town’s spirit of brotherhood4.

  • World’s Largest Ball Of Stamps: An unusual but fascinating attraction, this giant ball of stamps is a testament to patience and dedication5.

Remember, you can arrange for a guided tour in your vehicle, allowing you to explore these attractions at your own pace2. And don’t forget to sign up for Village Email updates to stay informed about upcoming events and attractions6.

So whether you’re a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or just looking for a unique travel experience, Boys Town in Omaha is a destination that promises a memorable visit.

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September Location of Interest

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September Location of Interest - John Deere Pavillion

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