The Queen Mary: A Historical Renaissance

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The Queen Mary: A Historical Renaissance – from

Her Legacy Sails On

With a legacy as deep as the ocean blue, the Queen Mary’s journey is etched in history-over 2 million souls carried and countless servicemen during WWII. Today, we’re thrilled to report that the storied Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, is getting a new lease on life with restoration efforts that honor her glorious past.

Rising to Former Glory

In a monumental feat of preservation, Long Beach has hit a significant milestone:

  • Lifeboat Renewal: Twenty lifeboats once hindering the ship’s structure are gone, easing 100 tons off her shoulders.
  • Saving History: Two original lifeboats poised for future preservation, ensuring the Queen Mary’s story is told for generations.
  • Structural Revival: Her hull is getting the TLC it deserves, set to strengthen her core and restore her iconic stature.

What Lies Beneath

It’s more than just a makeover. This restoration is a promise to protect a piece of our shared past, paving the way for substantial internal restoration:

  • Internal Healing: Work begins within, mending the fabric of this maritime marvel from the inside out.
  • Anticipation Builds: With all eyes on the horizon, we await the completion of this phase with bated breath later this year.

Share in Her Story

Are you as excited as we are to witness this majestic transformation?

  • Be part of history with #QueenMaryRestoration.
  • Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks into her journey back to grandeur.
  • Spread the word—every share, like, and visit supports the Queen Mary’s revival.

Join us in rallying behind the Queen Mary—because restoring beauty like this means preserving the soul of history itself. Keep sailing with us!
Visit for more on the legacy and future of the Queen Mary.
The Queen awaits, will you step aboard?

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