Unique Village Setup of Boys Town

The Village of Boys Town, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is far from your typical town. It’s a unique setup that has been transforming the lives of troubled youth for over a century.

This remarkable community, which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1985, is the only National Historic Landmark District in Nebraska. It’s more than just a place; it’s a sanctuary where children can thrive and grow in a supportive and caring environment.

The Village of Boys Town is one of the largest residential care communities in the country. But what makes it truly unique is how it’s organized. Incorporated as a Nebraska municipality in 1936, it operates like a small town, complete with its own police and fire departments, schools, and churches. This structure not only provides the children with a sense of normalcy but also helps them learn about civic responsibility.

Over the years, schools, churches, and homes have been built within the village, creating a real-life setting where boys and girls can learn, play, and develop essential life skills. Today, tens of thousands of young lives have been transformed thanks to the nurturing environment of Boys Town.

The village also holds special significance for its connection to its founder, Father Flanagan. Visitors can see a life-sized bronze statue of him created by Nebraska artist Fred Hoppe. This statue was donated to Boys Town by the Boys Town National Alumni Association, a testament to the lasting impact of Father Flanagan’s vision.

So, if you’re ever in Omaha, why not take a walking tour of Boys Town? It’s not just a visit to a historic landmark, but also an opportunity to witness firsthand the enduring legacy of Father Flanagan’s mission to change the way America cares for its children and families.

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