US Route 6 Tour Happenings

Eureka! Aprylle Made it To Utah!

Nevada-Utah Border – She ran out of San Jose, CA on April 28. Today after 977 miles (636 miles on Route 6), Aprylle Gilbert ran out of Nevada. Gilbert, an extremedistance runner is an author and one of the top folk-rock musicians in the Bay Area. Her run has taken her from the beaches of California to the 3,225 foot elevation of Soledad Pass on her way to 6,437 ft. She skirted Edwards Air Force Base and pushed her limits in the brutal heat of the Mojave dessert. She heard ghosts in the haunted Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, NV and lost touch with her supporters for 5 days in the 164 “no-ATT-cell zone” between Tonopah and Ely. All this, and Gilbert has 3,016 miles to go. Click here for the FULL June 4th Press Release PDF file