Attractions on Nevada’s Scenic Route 6

Discover Kendallville, Indiana: A Hidden Gem on Route 6

Attractions on Nevada’s Scenic Route 6

Nevada’s Route 6 isn’t just a stretch of pavement; it’s a time machine, a history book, and an adventure waiting to happen. For those who believe that the truest adventures begin where the city’s glow ends, Route 6—a two-lane blacktop stretching 366 miles across some of the most remote and untouched sections of Nevada—is an iconic route that calls to the intrepid traveler, the history buff, and the lover of wide-open spaces.

This post is your guidebook to the wonders of Route 6. From the pioneers’ trails to the panoramic vistas, there’s more to this road than meets the eye. Whether you’re planning your next road trip or simply looking for the allure of the open road from your armchair, this deep-dive exploration of Route 6 will have you reaching for the keys and wishing you were there.

A Journey Through History

Route 6 in Nevada began as a rural stretch of the transcontinental US Highway system. Its significance to the Silver State lies in its connection of remote communities and sustaining the mining and agricultural economies that have shaped the region’s history.

The Origins of the Road

Originally designated part of the “Grand Army of the Republic Highway,” Route 6 was one of the earliest transcontinental highways. Propelled by the needs of commerce and the pioneering spirit, Route 6 grew from a dusty trail to a vital artery for the state.

A Lifeline to the Past

For a century, Route 6 has been the lifeblood of rural Nevada, dotted with towns that time seems to have forgotten. Each pit stop along the way tells a story, from the boom town days of silver and gold rushes to the dust bowl aftermath.

What You’ll Discover

The road is flanked by historic markers, revealing tales of pioneers, native peoples, and the American settlers who transformed the landscape.

Attractions Along the Way

The beauty of Route 6 is not simply in the act of traveling the road itself, but in the destinations along its path. At every turn, a new adventure awaits, with countless attractions to explore.

Natural Wonders

Hot Creek Geothermal Area

Experience a natural wonder where the land smokes and steams from the Earth’s core. Hot Creek Geothermal area is a literal hotbed of thermal activity, boasting brilliant blue thermal pools and warm creeks perfect for a soothing soak.

Lunar Crater

Hidden in the dusty hills, this geological marvel is an extraterrestrial landscape straight out of science fiction. The eerie silence and desolate beauty of Lunar Crater are a must-see for any stargazer or geology enthusiast.

Desert Valley Springs

A maze of geologic formations and natural springs finds its home here, inviting travelers to explore lush oases set against the stark desert backdrop. Don’t forget your binoculars – it’s great for bird watching.

Historical Landmarks

Tonopah Historic Mining Park

Explore one of Nevada’s richest mining booms where the Tonopah Historic Mining Park gives you an up-close look at the workings of a silver mine that shaped the economy of the region.

Recreational Havens

Great Basin National Park

This diverse park at the road’s eastern terminus offers alpine lakes, caves, and the legendary Lehman Caves experience. You can hike the bristlecone pine forest—the oldest living trees on the planet.

Monitor Valley

For the most remote and rugged experience, head to Monitor Valley for off-roading and camping. This is the heart of Nevada, where solitude and the ‘big sky country’ are at their most profound.

Skiing in the White Mountains

In the winter, enjoy the snow by skiing or snowboarding in the White Mountains. It’s a local secret—Nevadans have been using this spot for generations to get their winter sports fix. The White Mountains are also home to the oldest living trees in the world, the Ancient Bristlecone Pines.

Uncovering Hidden Gems

Beyond the guidebooks lie the true treasures of any road trip—hidden gems and local insights that only enhance the adventure.

Alkali Hot Springs

Just a short jaunt off Route 6, the Alkali Hot Springs features a variety of pools with different temperatures right along the edge of the desert. This Instagram-worthy detour is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the views.

Planning Your Adventure

To make the most of Route 6, some careful planning is essential. The road’s remote nature means ensuring you have all the essentials and safety precautions for a rewarding trip.

Timing is Everything

Consider the time of year for your adventure. Summers can be scorching hot, while winters bring snow and cold. The best times to travel are during the spring and fall when the weather is more temperate, and the landscapes come to life with color and activity.

Where to Stay

Accommodations are sparse, so decide on your overnight stops in advance. Camping is a popular option, but be sure to check on permits and seasonal availability. For those who prefer a bed, there are remote motels and guest ranches that capture the essence of the west.


There are few dining options along Route 6, so pack a picnic or shop for supplies in the small towns you’ll pass through. It’s a chance to taste the simple delights of road trip cuisine and enjoy the local flavors found in these remote communities.

The Conclusion of Your Journey

The attractions along Route 6 are as diverse as they are captivating, highlighting the rugged beauty, rich history, and resilient community spirit of rural Nevada. This slice of Americana is an adventure waiting to be embraced, a story unfolding with every mile marker passed.

The call of the open road invites you to explore this land of contrasts—where ancient geothermal wonders lie next to bustling mining towns, and the hallowed silence of the desert competes with the boisterous nightlife of the Milky Way. Pack your sense of adventure and a dash of curiosity, take the wheel, and discover the allure of Nevada’s Route 6, a road trip experience you’ll never forget.

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